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China Fukang Group Co., Ltd
Chairman: ShaoDing.Sun
Address: Wenzhou City Longgang Demonstration Industrial Park, Zone 5 Printing
Zip: 325802

Tel: 86-0577-59921983

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The Way to Fukang
lf you are not in China.
1 You can by air to Ningbo/Shanghai/Hangzhou Airport first, then by bullet train to Cangnan station or Aojiangstation, and we will go the corresponding
station to pick you up.
2 You can by air to Ningbo/hanghai/Hangzhou Airport first, then trun the plane to wenzhou airport, and we will goto wenzhou airport to pick you up
If you are at Hongkong.
You can by air to wenzhou Airport directly, then we will go to wenzhou airport to pick you up.